Who we are

We ‘ve stepped into a fairy tale…only White Rabbit is missing!!! This was the impression we had when, back in 1997, we visited this stretch of fields and woods for the first time, and decided there and then to embark on a new style of life. Since then we have been working towards our goal: creating a place in which others could share with us the same feelings or, hopefully, even stronger ones.

Completely immersed in the greenery of fields and woodlands, caressed by a peaceful brook, kingdom of the famous porcino mushrooms, this is our tiny piece of heaven, which “Someone” created for us and for all those who would like to visit us.

Far from crowds, our guests will be able to to combine relaxation with absolute peace and quiet.
Our ultimate aim is to offer an atmosphere which encourages an overall feeling of physical and mental well-being.

The fairytale woods, will help to dispel all the negative energy which we call stress, and charge you with that positive spirit which we could call ”healthy Emilia-ness”!
Gio and Cri wish you very simply happy holidays.

N.B. By the way, we are not insured against rough encounters with gnomes, elves, fairies, imps, dwarves, etc…

Speaking of them, it can happen… judge by yourselves